Press release

XERION with crawler tracks and Stage V engines

CLAAS launches the XERION TRAC TS with four crawler tracks. The system tractor range also features Stage V engines and CEBIS with touchscreen. The new XERION 4200 replaces the XERION 4000.

XERION TRAC TS with up to 530 hp

The new system tractor with crawler tracks is available in the following versions: XERION TRAC TS 5000 and 4500 with 530 hp/390 kW or 490 hp/360kW. The crawler track system from Dutch manufacturer Zuidberg is fitted with CAMSO tracks with a track width of 30”/762 mm.  This increases the machine’s footprint by 25% compared with the largest single tyre. The tracks are designed to deliver reliable tractive power and minimize ground pressure in almost all conditions. Equipped with a pendular suspension system, the crawler tracks adapt perfectly to the terrain and ensure a high level of driver comfort when combined with the cab suspension.
The XERION TRAC TS has a tare weight of 24 t. The gross vehicle weight permitted on the road is max. 30 t. In addition, all versions of the machine have an external width of less than 3.00 m.

New XERION 4200 offers more engine power

The new XERION 4200 is powered by an MTU OM 470 which increases the engine performance by just under 30 hp to 462 hp/340 kW compared with the XERION 4000. This gives the tractor significantly higher reserve capacity for driving auxiliary equipment, for example during manure spreading. With the switch to the new emission standard, the MTU OM 471 engines in the XERION 5000 and 4500 also have higher torques in the low and mid-engine speed range.
The exhaust gas aftertreatment system – comprising DOC, DPF and SCR – is conveniently housed within the existing contours of the tractor.  This ensures that the emission control technology in the new XERION models does not obstruct the driver’s view in any way.
The service interval for the new engines extends to 1000 hours, double that of the previous series. The dipstick has been replaced by a sensor with the oil level and amount of topping-up required now displayed in CEBIS.

New armrest includes CEBIS with touchscreen

The cab is now equipped with the armrest with integrated CMOTION multifunction control lever and touchscreen CEBIS familiar from the AXION and ARION. The 12-inch display gives a clear overview of all key machine settings and allows direct access to steering, transmission and hydraulics settings. As well as touchscreen operation, the function buttons on the CMOTION control lever and the armrest can also be freely assigned. The new home screen displays all individually assigned function buttons at a glance and allows the engine oil level to be quickly checked from the cab.  The driver’s individual settings can be stored on a USB stick and transferred to another XERION.