Press release

CLAAS launches the assistance system CEMOS for tractors

CEMOS for tractors is a dialogue-based operator assistance system which optimises machine settings to get the best results from the tractor and attached implement. The system is now available for ARION and AXION tractors.

CEMOS for tractors is based on dialogue with the driver

CEMOS has been a byword for electronic machine optimisation in combine harvesters at CLAAS since 2011. The concept of expanding the CEMOS system to tractors was awarded a silver medal at Agritechnica in 2017 and the system is now available for the ARION and AXION ranges.
CEMOS for tractors runs on the CEBIS terminal. At the start of a job, the assistance system guides the driver to enter all the general operating conditions – from soil humidity, soil type and working depth to implement data and even the type of tractor tyres.   On the basis of this background information, the system initially recommends any additional ballast that may be required in the form of front, rear and wheel weights. The driver then enters the actual values applied in the system. This ensures that any departure from the recommendations, for example if a specific front weight is not available, is taken into account in the optimisation dialogue and tyre pressure recommendations subsequently provided.
The driver can invoke the optimisation dialogue at any time during operation. CEMOS for tractors then actively assists by making further suggestions to improve the performance of the tractor-implement combination.  It offers the driver a choice of optimisation goals; either maximum throughput or optimum fuel efficiency. Once the driver has made his selection, the system determines the current status, then guides the driver through the optimisation process by asking simple questions. After every change to the settings, the driver can check the results on the screen and decide whether to apply the new setting or return to the previous setting.

Easy adjustment of basic plough settings

A further function of CEMOS for tractors is to assist with the basic implement settings. This step alone can have a positive impact on fuel consumption, wear, throughput and work quality. Here too, CEMOS for tractors guides the driver step-by-step by making clear recommendations. When ploughing, for example, this may involve adjusting the working depth, front furrow, pull point and pull line or making sure that the skim coulter is at the correct height. Explanations and diagrams of the implement help determine the right settings for a particular situation.
CEMOS for tractors thus actively prompts the driver to think about what he is doing. This enables even inexperienced operators to achieve good results with the tractor and implement. Experienced tractor drivers will find that the optimisation dialogue combined with tyre pressure and ballasting recommendations make it much easier to optimise the performance and efficiency of the tractor-implement combination.
CEMOS for tractors is available for CLAAS tractors with CMATIC continuously variable transmission and CEBIS touchscreen terminal and can be retrofitted.