Press release


Using TIM SPEED CONTROL, the CARGOS 9000 and 8000 loader wagons are able to control the speed of the tractor. The ISOBUS function works with certified tractors from all manufacturers.

TIM SPEED CONTROL controls the tractor

The TIM function defined in ISOBUS allows implements to control tractor functions. In the CARGOS 9000 and 8000 loader wagons with TIM SPEED CONTROL, CLAAS uses the standard to change the forward speed of the tractor depending on the throughput. Torque measurements on the rotor and pick-up provide the basis for precise and efficient control. The speed is reduced at high volumes in the swath and increased at low volumes. The driver is thus relieved of a lot of work, the wagon’s load capacity is fully maximised and the throughput is significantly increased by uniform utilisation of the machine.

CLAAS previously offered this function under the name ICT CRUISE PILOT, but this was exclusively for CLAAS tractors. With the further development to the AEF TIM standard (ISOBUS), the automatic control proven for the CLAAS combination is now available for certified tractors from other manufacturers.

Additional new options for more safety, efficiency and soil protection

A load compartment cover is now available for all CARGOS models to reliably secure the load. The side mounted cover is operated hydraulically via a double-acting ram. A robust tarpaulin in combination with integrated reinforcements offers the necessary flexibility and guarantees a high stability of the cover.

For CARGOS 9000 and 8000 models, in addition to a feed out module with 3 metering rollers, a 2 roller version is also now optionally available. Each module can be quickly and easily removed to increase the payload. The rollers allow uniform distribution of the load on the silo. A torque measurement system is available for automatic unloading.

A new tyre option for almost all CARGOS models is the 800/45 R 30.5 Alliance 885 Flotation Radial which has a large footprint contact area. With these tyres, in combination with Tridem chassis and electrohydraulically controlled crab steering, CLAAS is setting new standards in terms of soil protection, especially on the larger models. The tyres, which have a reinforced carcass, ensure low ground pressure and have very good self-cleaning and traction properties as well as low rolling resistance.