Press release

ARION 600/500 and AXION 800 now with Stage V engines

CLAAS is introducing engines compliant with the Stage V emissions standard in the AXION 800 as well as the ARION 600 and 500 for the 2020 model year. These latest models feature a number of other innovations, including the option to control ISOBUS-compatible machines via the CEBIS terminal.

New emissions standard from 125 hp to 295 hp

The output range of the ARION series with Stage V engines extends from 125 hp in the ARION 510 to 205 hp with CPM in the ARION 660. The ARION 500 models have a four-cylinder DPS engine with staged turbocharger (a smaller turbocharger with an extremely fast response time and a wastegate turbocharger), while all ARION 600 tractors have a 6-cylinder DPS engine with VGT turbocharger. In the ARION 600 models the engine idling speed is reduced to 650 rpm when the tractor is stationary, delivering additional fuel savings. All the engines meet the requirements of the Stage V emissions standard thanks to a combination of EGR (cooled exhaust gas recirculation), DPF (diesel particulate filter) and SCR catalytic converter (selective catalytic reduction). In the ARION 600 models, the components of the exhaust gas aftertreatment system have been further refined to reduce the amount of space it requires.

The AXION 800 series are powered by 6-cylinder FPT engines with outputs ranging from 205 hp to 295 hp.  Here, the DOC (diesel oxidation catalyst), EGR and SCRoF (SCR on filter) ensure compliance with the Stage V emissions standard. By consolidating the various elements of this technology, it now relies on fewer components. Furthermore, to reduce fuel consumption the idling speed automatically drops to 650 rpm when the tractor is stationary.

Additional hydraulic option for AXION 800

For high capacity manure spreading and other operations requiring a high hydraulic power requirement, the AXION 800 is now optionally available with a 205 l/min load-sensing hydraulic system instead of the standard 150 l/min version. As well as the usual Power Beyond connections for pressure, return and load-sensing lines, all AXION tractors now offer as standard an additional return line, which is required by some implements.

New transmission function for HEXASHIFT powershift transmission

A new engine speed limiter is optionally available for the HEXASHIFT powershift transmission in all AXION 800 and ARION 600/500 tractors. This makes it possible to limit the maximum engine speed for field work, around the farm and on road journeys to ensure efficient and economical running. The engine speed limiter works independently of the HEXACTIV auto-shift function and can also be used without it.
When used in conjunction with the HEXACTIV auto-shift function and cruise control, the HEXASHIFT powershift transmission offers the driver the same level of functionality as the CMATIC continuously variable transmission on CLAAS tractors:

  • Automatically adjust the transmission ratio to the required pulling power
  • Maintain constant operating speed with cruise control even under changing load conditions
  • Limit the maximum engine speed to reduce fuel consumption by utilising the constant power and torque plateaus at medium to low speeds
  • Stop with the brake without using the clutch (SMART STOP)

CEBIS with ISOBUS UT for an even clearer view

ISOBUS UT (Universal Terminal) is now available for the touchscreen CEBIS control terminal. With a third main view for controlling ISOBUS machines in addition to the road travel and fieldwork view, there's no need for an extra terminal in the cab. However, another ISOBUS UT can easily be connected simply by assigning priorities. This allows the control concept to be adapted to reflect the machine's complexity. As before, it's very simple to assign the tractor's function buttons to control the ISOBUS machine.
The new operator interface is clearer, simpler and faster to navigate. The new home screen on the CEBIS displays all the current settings in detail and also provides the driver with service information and implement data. With three different views, it is now possible to save even more individual settings. The default settings can be restored at any time. With “Beginner”, "Normal" and "Expert" user profiles, CEBIS offers every driver just the right degree of customisation. Images from up to two cameras can be displayed on the CEBIS screen, making it possible to use a reversing camera or implement camera, for example.         

Focus on the driver

The cab on AXION and ARION tractors with its four-point suspension combined with PROACTIV front axle suspension already sets the benchmark for driver comfort. Now the availability of a new Grammer Dual Motion seat, tinted rear windscreen and new roof hatch takes driver comfort to another level. A leather steering wheel and a new radio with hands-free system and external microphone for optimum sound quality is also available as an option.
A compressed air connection on the right side of the machine and new LED work lights are a response to the driver's need for simple maintenance and better night vision.